Things to do in Mayfair

Here at Mayfair Models, we are ideally situated for convenience and pleasure. We are right in the centre of London surrounded by bars, nightclubs, restaurants and every type of adult entertainment imaginable. We are here to enhance your experience of this great city by making a good thing even better. We can help you select your ideal companion to accompany you in a tour like you've never experienced before. Share a magical moment with your dream girl and connect on a personal and intimate level. Here are a few things we suggest you check out with you're escort.

We suggest after you have met up with your companion that you get to know each other over some dinner. Have some quality conversation while you sample some of the nicest food in the country. There are many superb restaurants to choose from but one in particular that is a favourite amongst our girls is the exquisite Chinese cuisine 'Princess Gardens'. Catering for their jet set clients, there is the opportunity to really splash out on Lobster and other global delicacies although their more traditional Chinese dishes are the ones that bring in the crowds. Specials include the dim sum menu which are beautifully steamed dumplings with tender beef and water-chestnuts. The service is friendly but friendly and it is an all-round wonderful dining experience.

By now you should be comfortable with your companion and have established a relationship. We suggest you confirm this bond by further getting to know each other over a few drinks. Again there are no shortages of bars for you to choose from and it all depends on what kind of impression you want to make. If you want a more relaxed subdued atmosphere but still luxurious, we recommend the excellent 34 bar in Grosvenor square. Alternatively if you want a dance or a cocktail you may prefer Aura Mayfair. It is a hybrid of restaurant/bar/night club and is a great night out. The prices aren't cheap but you will be amongst some of the richest and most elegant people in London.

If none of this is your thing and you want a more personal connection, why not sample the local attractions and visit some of the places that make London famous. It can be a great opportunity to have the 'girlfriend experience' and enjoy each others company. If everything goes well, take her back to a nice hotel and what you do there is up to you. So whether you've lived in London all your life or are just visiting for the weekend, make the most of this wonderful place by experiencing it all with your dream girl.