September in London

The Summer months may be firmly behind us although this doesn't mean the end of the fun which you can enjoy with our model London escorts. September presents a whole host of exciting things to experience in London, especially when you're experiencing them with a beautiful and elite companion. So without any more hesitation lets jump straight into the list so you can start enjoying an unforgettable September.

One event hitting the streets of London that will certainly be right up the street of your busty London escort is John Lewis: how we live today at the Design Museum on Butlers Wharf. Take a fascinating insight through this exhibition into the history of the British high street and the products that drove it. There is also a celebration of the 150 year anniversary of the UK's first ever John Lewis store on Oxford Street. Instead of simply going shopping with your Mayfair escort, take a fascinating journey together thats both informative and enjoyable.

Why not take a really unique option and enjoy a romantic experience with your Mayfair escort on the river Thames on the 13-14 September. Catch some of the late Autumn sunshine aboard a variety of boats. Enjoy a picnic or a glass of wine or simply relax and enjoy the views with your busty London escort, can you think of a better way to spend a day in the capital.

If you're a man of culture, then you could not ask for a finer city to be in than London, this September makes way to a whole host of new productions including the James Plays, the epic theater trilogy about the King of Scotland. It is making its West end debut after rave reviews up north starring actress of the moment Sarah Lund.

In addition to the events and shows coming up in London, there are also a host of new restaurants making their way onto the London food scene. One event that certainly cannot be missed this September is the Masterchef Restaurant & cafe demonstrating their skills at a pop up restaurant in South Wales.