London Hotels are Most Expensive

An interesting and yet highly unsurprising story coming from the Telegraph this week is that a hotel suite in London will cost more than any other city in the world. Yes a night in London can cost upwards of £11,700 for a night of pure luxury and has therefore been branded as the world most expensive city for its 5 star hotels. Many of our beautiful Mayfair escorts frequent these hotels and despite their expensive price tag claim they are worth every penny of unreserved luxury.

Mayfair has come out as the costliest area of the capital, with over £11,700 a night for a stay at the luxurious 5 star institution that is the Royal suite at Park Lanes intercontinental hotel. Mayfair also makes up the largest number of top 10 most expensive hotels throughout the capital and has a 4pc price premium over equivalent values in Knightsbridge. In the report it also stated that there are over 129,000 hotel rooms in central London that offer 5 star accommodation and service.

However when we look at London in comparison to Europe's other major cities such as Paris 78 pc, Munich 77 pc, Moscow 70 pc and Barcelona 69, London's 80 pc is easily the most affluent. This has lead to a string of luxury hotel chains tightening their grip in central London such as the new 176 bed Marriott and a 90 bed Ham yard also in the city center. In addition to this there is also a 75 bed Beaumont hotel in Mayfair still in construction.

Central London may seem to have more 5 star hotels and busty London escorts than it does corner shops however this is what is currently driving the economy. Worldwide business elite are travelling to London to experience what is so unique about the English capital. For those who have the money to spend, in a luxurious hotel room with our elite London escorts, the large price tag is certainly justified.