German memories in British Museum





                                                          British Museum In London, What Is Found In It?


A museum is a place where exhibitions are placed especially of those things that were in the olden days and are no longer in use, for example, the weapons that were being used in war, traditional dressing and food and display of various things that a certain culture uses. Many people visit them during their vacations, holidays and weekends. There is a fee that is charged so that it can help maintain the museum. Researchers also use museums to get the information that is necessary for his or her research.

The British museum in London located in Great Russel Street, WC1B 3DG, has an exhibition that displays the medals that belonged to the Germans during the First World War. The medals in the British museum in London help people to get the understanding of the First World War. There was a lot of shedding of blood, and many lives were lost. The medal artists used the medals to express various effects like the psychological effects (emotion and mood) that the people who were involved in the war had. Warring machines are also exhibited that the Germans used.

 This museum exhibits medals belonging to Germans because the British uses a propaganda that is German-related.   The machines displayed in the exhibitions portray how the Germans faced a lot of brutality that is also displayed on the medals. The medals artist have been able to create the feelings on the medals like the how it was like on the battle field, how the soldiers were hacked down and many other things that they faced during the warring period like lack of food hence they never had enough strength to fight against their enemies. These medals give an insight of the First World War to people who were not there during that period.  They are able to understand how intense the  conflicts were.