Central London Monopoly

We've all heard of the famous cliche that Mayfair is the most expensive square on the monopoly board well then this recent article certainly reflects the reality of the world famous board game. Many will be aware of the mass interest from investments from global businessmen who look to invest in the ever increasing residential prices of the the London real estate. This has had major impacts on the civilization and economy of London pushing many locals out of the city centre as they can not afford to keep up with the rising house prices.

There are now over 700 ghost mansions in central London worth a staggering £3 billion in total. this has frightening impacts on the economy with figures suggesting we are heading for the worst housing crisis in its history with over 800,000 people still on waiting lists. Currently there are nearly 750 properties that remain uninhabited worth at least £5 million. The reality is that overseas investors are using current houses on the market like real life Monopoly squares and are taking advantage of the current price boom.

Despite the overall success of London's growing economy and the recent announcement that London is officially the most visited city in the world, these signs do however show warnings for a future of financial instability. An ever widening gap between the elite and the middle classes in London is becoming more apparent and the signs are starting to show. There are however a number of factors that are stronger in london than they ever have been, London proudly boasts some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world and of course their infamous busty London escorts, which continue to attract millions of tourists each year.

Central London proudly boasts more Michelin star restaurants per square mile than anywhere else in the world, making it the place to enjoy one of the most luxurious evening. But even above this, you can be accompanied by some of the most beautiful central London escorts, which not only provide you with guidance through one of the most crowded and vibrant cities in the world, but also gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy the company of the busty London escorts from your wildest fantasies.

So London is currently in a state of very fine balance where they are currently expanding faster than ever and in turn are in greater danger of burnout. In a city of vast exclusivity those who can afford to enjoy its luxurious thrive while those are forced out into the suburbs. It is certainly a city of startling contrasts although there are fantastic times to be had, as long as you're in the company of central London escorts.